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Comparing liquid makeups

The foundation (makeup) is the most important thing in makeup. If the skin looks bad, your beautiful eyes will not help you – especially in daylight. We never had a choice because the technology did not exist yet, but today the market is filling up quickly with mikes that contain components of toiletries, With almost a watery texture and a perfectly natural fi$h that you can not see on the skin of your face.

Intensive Skin Serum, Bobby Brown 


It’s no secret that I’m in love with this brand, and by chance it’s a brand that bears the concern of skin care, equal to the quality of make-up. Like all of Bobby Brown’s Skin Care products, which are gentle and kind with the face, so is the new Intensive Skin Serum series. We’ll start with the fact that Mike’s has a natural face lotion and is full of plants, and it really contains: bamboo essence extract, algae extract, apple extract complex, watermelon and lychee, and amino acids. It looks amazing on the skin, it smoothenss fine lines, tightens pores, adds moisture, covers flaws and treats them at the same time, Comes in all shades of Bobby Brown’s Mike’s Stick (16 shades is plenty). It’s hard to ask for more. His only problem is packaging. Heavy, hard to operate and can not really carry the bag, and also has a dropper that does not fit the liquid level of the product, and should work a little too hard to remove material. Not critical, but important to know.

Diorskin Air

Fluid 030 Purple eyeliner

This is one of my favorites, and it has been around since 2016. One of the reasons he appears in this article is his hue. I do not know what his name is, but it’s one of the few who never makes me look dead, and I’m very, very pale. Its fi$h is also perfect, giving you a healthy and glowing look but not greasy or glittering. His drip is well adapted to the liquidity of the material, and best of all – no more than three drops of it, swears, does not exaggerate – to get full coverage. It covers pigmentation, redness, and stresses non-flattering textures like dryness or fine lines. It feels like water bursting with pigments, and earthly millions of tiny titanium particles surrounded by micro-pearls are responsible for velvety fi$h. In the formula there is no talc, but there is cranberry oil that releases oxygen to the skin and is against free radicals, rich in antioxidants, omega-3 and vitamin E. The makeup comes in only 6 shades, but surprisingly, because of the excellent formula, With one tinge you can make yourself and two more friends lighter than you, and one who has forgotten you in one shade. It sounds strange, but I checked it out, and it’s just like that, and according to this logic, the makeup comes in 18 shades. Super recommended



Le Teint Encre De Peau, Yves Saint Laurent

It’s liquid liquid liquid makeup, which I also really like, but I recommend it especially for the summer, especially if you have dry skin. Also because of its matte finish, but mainly because it contains volatile substances, leaving the skin and leaving it only with pigments, after the assumption. It is an advantage, because only a minimum of physical substance remains on your skin, but the side effect of this is a slight dry feeling. Having the fat skin between you does not matter, and those with dry skin, like me, do not sleep in the summer – summer is perfect. Matt completely, not moving a millimeter. The light texture of full-resistant ink comes in 11 shades and in 3 families: beige, beige and pink and golden beige, and SPF 18. The applicator is also special. Not a dripper, but a quasi-feather like work (patented). Instead of dripping the material on your face, dip the applicator like a pen in ink and spread.

Mirikal Iyar de Tenet from the Lancome

Miracle Air De Teint, Lancome

Liquid makeup with dripper, velvety finish. Notice – not matte, not velvety – it’s exactly in the middle, and the final result looks good both day and night. The makeup consists of 25 times lighter particles than traditional powders and 90% air, hence its middle name Air. Most of the similar makeups are made of water, oil, and dense particles. This makeup should contain tiny holes that allow the air to flow freely. Blurring technology helps to avoid defects and wrinkles, and the formula is pleasant and durable. Its cover is medium, perhaps because of air particles, but it is excellent for everyday, and for natural makeup. Comes in 8 shades, with SPF 15.

Temptu S / B Pro, Tempto

This recommendation is a little non-Orthodox, because it’s a makeup that is basically designed to illustrate the mind. But I make experiments, and I decided to share my findings: This very liquid makeup, almost like water, works fine even with a regular sponge, brush or fingers, especially if you put a silicon-based primer underneath it. Its advantages are that it is very, very delicate, because it is so thin and flexible, and the main advantage is that it is self-made and does not require powder, even in the summer. It can be built in layers and it effectively covers redness, pimples, small capillaries and scars – it comes in 12 shades, but unfortunately without protection from the sun. It is advisable to avoid it during the day.

Beauty Favorites Make up

Best value and Disappointing beauty care products

peach-lips-gorgeous-makeupAs a beauty blogger for many years, I get lots of errands with new products to review them on the blog or now, even on my YouTube channel. (Subscribe!). But even though I’m used to it, I’m still not happy to get a package of Goody’s home, especially on days when you’re making a mess. And although I accept, believe it or not, I still buy, because that’s how much I like makeup and grooming. Videos and articles “Biotic News” are meant to give you some idea of ​​the new launches this month, and if you trust my taste, my honest opinion. All details about products such as links and prices can be found in the scroll below. Enjoy, subscribe to my new YouTube channel (the video is here below), and respond if you have any questions or disagreements, because I’m always happy to talk to Escapists about nonsense. Have an amazing hair day.

Best Value:

Glow Sense of the specialized cosmetics company HL have taken out a liquid shampoo with 15 SPF. They do not call him Shimmer. Only I call him that. Because he is very simple to keep. In fact, it is marketed as a multi-purpose treatment cream with 3 actions – glowing skin, sun protection, and plant extracts to neutralize free radicals. It also has green tea, ginkgo biloba, sage, calendula and all kinds of good things. The recommendation is to put it twice a day on clean skin, and make up to make up, or not. I’m sorry for him, sorry. Sometimes I mix it with the makeup or above it at strategic points of illumination. enchanted.

Mineral Radiance love

a new series that contains the patent OsmoGuard ™ – an active biological skin protector against urban and environmental pollution, smoke, soot particles, haze, pollutants, dust, dirt, ozone and pests that attack the skin and give it a dull, A combination of the exclusive active components Osmoter TM and PolluStop TM (GY-4), which act as an “urban shield” between the environment and the skin and protect it from 3 types of atmospheric, urban, and UV stress. All the products in the series have a component called Signaline S ™, which is the main ingredient that soothes the skin and protects it from environmental pollution. The series consists of 5 products: Mineral Cleansing Gel Nourishing Glow with Jojoba Oil 90 $, Mineral Cleansing Mask Soothing & Relaxing 139 $, an invigorating day cream that protects against pollution and ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and a night cream to prevent stress, The skin moisturizes and nourishes energy, and soothes it from daily infection that can cause premature aging

Quantum from Titanium for men

In honor of Rosh Hashanah Mosk An envelope containing shaving gel and perfume, each 100 ml. The smell is generic but very nice, and the price is excellent: 110 $. To get in the pharmacies

Sabon’s 20th Birthday A unique, limited edition collection that combines 9 liquid oil soaps of all time. A package that also represents a timeline and through which you can see the development of product labels from the first label, written by Sigal Kotler Levy, the founder of the brand, to create a vintage look label, used cotton wool and coffee stains, to today’s more refined product labels. The chassis itself is designed according to the timeline of SABON’s milestones, marking the important years, each year represented by an illustration of the annual event in question. Price: 139 $, and 99 Club members

Velveteen Foundation & Concealer

Jade Jade, believe me. Over the years. It’s a great new medium, with medium-high coverage that can be built, matte (not too matte) and has an appliator like some consoles, only bigger. It also has nice components that help keep the skin and is durable. It is also used as makeup and concealer, which saves time and money, and also has a cover that is suitable for concealer. In short, excellent. Two problems I have with him. The packaging, which is too heavy for my taste and difficult to operate. I’m afraid that at some point, long before the Mike is over, it will be hard to fish the stuff from him. Second, the hues. It comes in only four shades. That’s very little. Especially for full-coverage makeup, which can not be fooled. Jade, you have to get at least five more shades. Otherwise it’s just not interesting.

Elizabeth Arden Eyes

Wide Open Mascara and eyebrow gels with eyes wide open. The Lasting Impression Mascara lengthens, curls and lashes. The formula provides length, separation and definition throughout the day, with avocado and olive oils that nourish them and nurture the lashes. The brush consists of five etched balls that trap thick and separate the lashes without infecting them. The eyebrow gel Statement Brow fills and defines, in formula containing beeswax, kritta and nutritious mineral pigments, as well as filler particles for filling and the formula is amazingly durable.



Uncover Desire, Carline

Following their previous perfume from the same series, which was successful, Carline launched his elegant sister, which in my opinion should be more suitable for the winter. The top note contains a flower of plumeria and pink pepper, the middle – sparkling champagne and citrus, and the base is an Australian musk and sandalwood. It is a sweet and rather heavy perfume for my taste, but smell and decide alone.

Everlasting Lip Color

Jade Lipstick is a two-sided liquid lipstick based on a formula that combines polymers to accurately hold lip color and vitamin E, giving the delicate skin protection from environmental damage. The intense color pigment combined with the formula creates a uniform and full coverage while smoothing smooth, pleasant and effortless. The lipstick does not dry the lips and leaves them feeling soft and in perfect appearance. Place the paint, wait a minute and then add a gloss. Comes in 28 shades

Derma Liss Guinot Paris

Cream for smoothing pore appearance, which also contains hyaluronic acid and some plant that neutralizes free radicals. That is, it is both a treatment and an immediate optical smoothing of the pores. How to use – After the grooming routine and makeup before placing in the problematic area, and gently massage. After that you can make up your makeup. Holds for hours.



Remedies, Bobby Braun New Skin Care Kit

Six Revitalies: Revive Skin Reviver Nº 91 Power Greens Ferment for protection and resuscitation of tired and damaged skin with green algae and strong fermentation containing fresh kale, Brussels sprouts and spinach mixed with a mixture of hot water to maintain antioxidants At optimal concentration. Price: 210 $ Skin Moisture Solution Nº 86 Intense Rehydration Compound A compound for the return of intensive fluids to very dry or thirsty and dehydrated skin while encouraging the production of natural hyaluronic acid in the skin Components: Hyaluronic acid and mineral-rich water that nourishes the skin and strengthens the natural moisturizing factor Price: 210 $. Skin Fortifier Nº. 93 Strength & Recovery Tonic Strengthening and healing the skin to make skin healthier and stronger. Ingredients: Lipids Strawberry leaves wax, soybean lotion, Moro Moro butter and oils that complement the natural skin barrier, including ceramides, fatty acids and moisture, which preserves the cholesterol content while eliminating the toxins. Price: 210 ש”ח Skin Soother Nº 80 Calming Red Algae Complex A powerful seaweed extract for immediate relief of sensitive and irritated skin, reduces redness and stress marks on the skin, with an undiluted complex of red algae extract and seaweed that significantly reduces the signs of irritation while strengthening Skin and protection from future inflammations

Skin Clarifier Nº 75 Pore & Oil Control

Intensive care for skin with a tendency to wound and block pores, balance of grease and contributes to the appearance of finer skin Components: Emulsifying oils that do not clog the pores (Manuka, Rose Palm, Saw Palmetto) and salicylic acid helps to drain pores and stimulate cell turnover without disrupting Natural skin balance Price: 210 ₪ Skin Salve Nº 57 Restoring Treatment Rehabilitative treatment for especially dry and damaged skin that protects the skin so that it can heal itself Ingredients: Shea butter, beeswax, turmeric extract and licorice extract ) Act as a “bandage” that breathes on the skin and protects, softens and rehabilitates.


Beauty Make up Skin Care

New beauty care products winter 2018


Write a review of toiletries and this is the most complicated task on the Beauty blog, because with all due respect to makeup, there is nothing more personal than cultivation. Each skin reacts differently to each product, each age requires other things, and there are also preferences that vary from person to person regarding textures, winter, summer, prices … In short, reviews of toiletries are a bitch but someone has to do it. My guiding principle when I write a review is to specify the independent parameters such as the target audience of the product, the ingredients in it, and the texture – the fact that I have loved or disliked one product or another does not really mean much to anyone but myself, In case it interests anyone. And after we said all this, let’s start with two body products that surprised me:

Body lotion with serum, magical bathing oil, and massage oil for muscles

Oil Body Wash of Soap

This special product is a hybrid between liquid soap and luxurious oil. Now, usually these crosses are given or too oily soap that does not froze, or too soapy oil that frocks but does not remain on the body after rinsing. So I’m happy to say that this time – the soap is excellent frothy, washed well, leaving behind a soft skin that has already received a moisturizer. You can also add moisturizer after showering, and the oil mixes well with any cream you choose to put because its smell is very gentle. magic. Comes with a scent of roses, peaches, jasmine and vanilla. Go branch in the branch.

Pep-Start Hydrorush Spf 20 Moisturizer of the Clinique

One of the hardest things to find is a daytime moisturizer that has sun protection, and is not too heavy. This cream from the Clinique Pap Start is not a bad option. The cream is 20 SPF and contains antioxidants, anti-irritants and ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier to protect against environmental damage. In addition to moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and peptides, the cream also contains various sunscreen to effectively absorb the sun’s rays on its various platforms, vitamin C and vitamin E. Can be used alone or under makeup. Price: 149 NIS, get in the pharmacies or in the online store.

Lip Butter of Blue

A small but cute product that was launched by the old Balu – the novelty is that the Balam is enriched with almond oil and shea butter, and ensures moisturizing lips for 12 hours. Comes in three versions, this time not in a stick like their usual, but in a flat round box. The ballam is moving. For the night I prefer something stronger, but everyday it’s fine .. For humidity and 12-hour protection, yes, if you live in a plastic bubble. In the real world it stays about 4 hours, which is good enough for me. The flavors are also nice – classic blue, vanilla-macadamia, and raspberries. Price: NIS 24.90, to be purchased at most pharms.

Dove Dermaspa by Dove

This is the second product that surprised very favorably. Small Disqualifier – I hate putting body lotion. It’s a terrible burden on me. To stand naked in the shower and wait for it to be absorbed, a nightmare. And even if I did, I usually do not really feel that it’s doing anything beyond making me a very, very sticky person. This new Dove cream made me feel like using it. And if you’re lazy body lotion like me, you know it means a lot. There are two emulsions in the series: one for dry skin care with Cell-Moisturisers ™ technology, a natural oil derived from plant seeds, an obese oil rich in omega 3,6,7 and 9, and the other one containing a younger skin serum that will keep the elasticity. What can I tell you? I do not make such a distinction between them. I just pull out one of them, if only because they are absorbed at top speed in the skin, and most importantly, leave me with a feeling that something has happened here until I take off my clothes and find that there is a pleasant smell of cream on my clothes. Price: NIS 24.90, available at Super-Pharm, Shufersal and Pharm chains, and on the drugstore site.

Arnica massage oil, of Weleda

Listen, I do not know who this oil is needed, and when I got it I did not understand what I was doing with it. But one day I came back from a wheelbarrow and could not move my legs. It was very cold that day, and I remembered that oil. I went into a hot hot shower, and when I came out I smeared the oil on the painful area, massaged for a few minutes and immediately put on thick socks to keep everything warm. Within half an hour the muscles did not hurt anymore, and the next day they were not caught, which is rare. This oil is recommended for athletes because of arnica and the mixture of vegetable oils with its warming effect. I’ve been putting me down since every day before training to prevent this kind of hardening-and that saves me, especially on these cold days. His smell is rosemary and lavender, two scents I do not love, but hey, for the effect I’m willing to tolerate them. Price: NIS 79.90, available at all nature chains, nature houses, private pharmacies and Super Pharm branches, and on the site.

Detoxifying Cleansing Oil

This will be my new love, the truth. I discovered them recently, and I’m starting to be a Grofit, I must admit. They have interesting products, and my experience is also very effective. Cleansing oil effectively removes makeup and deeply cleanses dirt from the neck and exposed skin, cleans and removes eye makeup in one step, and prepares the skin for the continuation of the grooming routine. The oil contains macadamia nut oil, avocado oil and more. The section with makeup remover oils is again – laziness – saves steps – apply the oil to dry skin, massage, all the makeup is smeared, then moisturize your hands in the water, massaging a little more, and wash your face. If you move cotton wool with face water on the skin, I promise you that it will remain white. He’s a bit expensive, that’s his only problem.


Sublime Fresh of L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris has launched a peeling gel gel (helps remove dead skin cells + purifies and cleans pores for a fresh, fresh skin look.) The formula contains purifying ingredients and 2 types of mineral grains for gentle skin peeling (used just like any other peeling) On damp skin, massaging a little and washing. I did not notice anything special after the use, aside from the fact that he was too aggressive for me. Personally I prefer a more gentle peeling, so I think it is more suitable for young girls with oily skin and not too thin or too sensitive.