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The foundation (makeup) is the most important thing in makeup. If the skin looks bad, your beautiful eyes will not help you – especially in daylight. We never had a choice because the technology did not exist yet, but today the market is filling up quickly with mikes that contain components of toiletries, With almost a watery texture and a perfectly natural fi$h that you can not see on the skin of your face.

Intensive Skin Serum, Bobby Brown 


It’s no secret that I’m in love with this brand, and by chance it’s a brand that bears the concern of skin care, equal to the quality of make-up. Like all of Bobby Brown’s Skin Care products, which are gentle and kind with the face, so is the new Intensive Skin Serum series. We’ll start with the fact that Mike’s has a natural face lotion and is full of plants, and it really contains: bamboo essence extract, algae extract, apple extract complex, watermelon and lychee, and amino acids. It looks amazing on the skin, it smoothenss fine lines, tightens pores, adds moisture, covers flaws and treats them at the same time, Comes in all shades of Bobby Brown’s Mike’s Stick (16 shades is plenty). It’s hard to ask for more. His only problem is packaging. Heavy, hard to operate and can not really carry the bag, and also has a dropper that does not fit the liquid level of the product, and should work a little too hard to remove material. Not critical, but important to know.

Diorskin Air

Fluid 030 Purple eyeliner

This is one of my favorites, and it has been around since 2016. One of the reasons he appears in this article is his hue. I do not know what his name is, but it’s one of the few who never makes me look dead, and I’m very, very pale. Its fi$h is also perfect, giving you a healthy and glowing look but not greasy or glittering. His drip is well adapted to the liquidity of the material, and best of all – no more than three drops of it, swears, does not exaggerate – to get full coverage. It covers pigmentation, redness, and stresses non-flattering textures like dryness or fine lines. It feels like water bursting with pigments, and earthly millions of tiny titanium particles surrounded by micro-pearls are responsible for velvety fi$h. In the formula there is no talc, but there is cranberry oil that releases oxygen to the skin and is against free radicals, rich in antioxidants, omega-3 and vitamin E. The makeup comes in only 6 shades, but surprisingly, because of the excellent formula, With one tinge you can make yourself and two more friends lighter than you, and one who has forgotten you in one shade. It sounds strange, but I checked it out, and it’s just like that, and according to this logic, the makeup comes in 18 shades. Super recommended



Le Teint Encre De Peau, Yves Saint Laurent

It’s liquid liquid liquid makeup, which I also really like, but I recommend it especially for the summer, especially if you have dry skin. Also because of its matte finish, but mainly because it contains volatile substances, leaving the skin and leaving it only with pigments, after the assumption. It is an advantage, because only a minimum of physical substance remains on your skin, but the side effect of this is a slight dry feeling. Having the fat skin between you does not matter, and those with dry skin, like me, do not sleep in the summer – summer is perfect. Matt completely, not moving a millimeter. The light texture of full-resistant ink comes in 11 shades and in 3 families: beige, beige and pink and golden beige, and SPF 18. The applicator is also special. Not a dripper, but a quasi-feather like work (patented). Instead of dripping the material on your face, dip the applicator like a pen in ink and spread.

Mirikal Iyar de Tenet from the Lancome

Miracle Air De Teint, Lancome

Liquid makeup with dripper, velvety finish. Notice – not matte, not velvety – it’s exactly in the middle, and the final result looks good both day and night. The makeup consists of 25 times lighter particles than traditional powders and 90% air, hence its middle name Air. Most of the similar makeups are made of water, oil, and dense particles. This makeup should contain tiny holes that allow the air to flow freely. Blurring technology helps to avoid defects and wrinkles, and the formula is pleasant and durable. Its cover is medium, perhaps because of air particles, but it is excellent for everyday, and for natural makeup. Comes in 8 shades, with SPF 15.

Temptu S / B Pro, Tempto

This recommendation is a little non-Orthodox, because it’s a makeup that is basically designed to illustrate the mind. But I make experiments, and I decided to share my findings: This very liquid makeup, almost like water, works fine even with a regular sponge, brush or fingers, especially if you put a silicon-based primer underneath it. Its advantages are that it is very, very delicate, because it is so thin and flexible, and the main advantage is that it is self-made and does not require powder, even in the summer. It can be built in layers and it effectively covers redness, pimples, small capillaries and scars – it comes in 12 shades, but unfortunately without protection from the sun. It is advisable to avoid it during the day.

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