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A Little About Jade

Jade-muskIt goes something like this. My parents, who never see eye-to-eye on anything, are in perfect sync when it comes to this one biographical fact about their daughter: Since the tender age of two, I have not kept quite for a single minute. Opinions, questions, critiques; I spent every waking moment of my childhood talking to someone about something. And when pickings were slim, to something about someone.

In retrospect, I pity them a little, my mom and dad. But for whatever reason, they never did ship me off to boarding school, and my dad even encouraged my overzealous love of words and expression. He brought me books, engaged me in deep conversations, and taught me to read and write before the first grade. So this is how the writer thing began. And regretfully, I can’t say there’s been any improvement in my condition since. Just the opposite, really—things only got worse when I discovered the therapeutic value I got from writing. And it was amazing. Oh Ya and I love Beauty and make up :).


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