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DIY Anti Wrinkles cream, an alternative to Botox

Blonde DYI Botox

Unfortunately, for most people wrinkles are a fact of life that everyone will experience at some point. Whether you have the dreaded crow’s feet around the eyes, tiny wrinkles above the bridge of the nose or even the across your forehead. No matter where you find them if you are like most people you just want them gone.

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There are a number of treatment options that can be on the expensive side including; plastic surgery or Botox. Both of those options are expensive and must be performed by either a licensed medical professional. They each also come with many different possible side effects and dangers that should be considered long and hard before you go that route.



One of the hot new beauty and skin care craze these days has to be Botox and it is being used for a number of different purposes. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has come out with a number of different authorized uses for Botox for use on humans. Lets first dive into a little detail about what Botox is and the potential dangers of introducing it into your body.


Botox or OnabotulinumtoxinA injection is a cosmetic procedure that involves introducing a substance into the body that causes temporary paralysis to the muscles in the area around where your facial lines that are the most worrisome. While the effects have been quite dramatic for many people, there are risks involved and some very serious side effects that you should read up on before you agree to have this substance injected into your body.


Safe alternative to Botox

If the thought of injecting a toxin like botulinum into your body, even if the government says it is safe makes your skin crawl, know that there are much safer alternatives. While wrinkles have been the bane of our existence as humans since the beginning of time, they are nonetheless annoying to so many people.


Fortunately, there are a number of much less invasive treatment options that don’t involve going to see a plastic surgeon and go under the knife or to see a different type of professional who will inject a toxin into your body. You can easily try an alternative treatment option that is much safer and can be made from several all-natural ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen or pantry.


DIY Anti wrinkle cream

While you can choose to spend a whole lot of money on plastic surgery procedures or risky injections that can only offer temporary relief from the wrinkles and will do much harm to the wallet. However, there is a much simpler and far less expensive way to rid your face of dreaded Crows feet and frown lines. This homemade or DIY anti-wrinkle cream consists of a combination of several different, all-natural ingredients that when combined and applied to the areas of the face that are the most problematic for you.

A simple recipe for anti-wrinkle cream

Let’s start with putting together a complete list of all of the ingredients that will go into the Do It Yourself anti-wrinkle cream:



  • 5 tbsp Carrot juice
  • 5 oz  Plain Yogurt
  • 1 tbsp Cornstarch
  • 5 tbsp Water


Preparation Guide

Using a small bowl

  1. Pour the carrot juice into the bowl
  2. Add the plain yogurt to the bowl and stir vigorously
  3. Add the cornstarch to the mixture in the bowl and again stir vigorously
  4. Add some of the water slowly and stir it in


Note: you may add extra cornstarch if you added too much water to the mixture and it appears to be too watery.

Once you have the cream all prepared and ready to be applied you want to be sure you are ready.


Preparation for the DIY Anti wrinkle creamBotox in the lips

Be sure to cover up the areas that you don’t want to accidentally turn orange if you were to get it on it. The carrot juice will have a tendency to cause a little bit of temporary staining to the skin depending on your skin type. This should not be too concerning as it is very temporary and generally is not thought to be permanent.


Apply it like a mask

The DIY Anti-wrinkle cream goes on your face just like any other facial mask product. Using your hand tip a couple fingers into the bowl and get some of the cream on your fingers. Apply the cream to your face and work it into your skin. Pay close attention to all of the areas that you have noticed the wrinkles that you are concerned about; around your eyes, between your eyebrows (above the nose) and even your neck area can be treated using this cream.


Let the cream set and dry on your skin, it is fairly quick drying and it should only take about 10 to 12 minutes for it to be ready to be removed. Using a face cloth and warm water wipe all of the dried on cream from your face.


You should see a fairly dramatic change in the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles on your face and neck area. The other result will be that the skin all over your face and neck will feel much softer and smoother. The effects on the wrinkles should be immediate and quite dramatic, but it can take a little while for the full effect to take place.


Much like everything else health and beauty related, your specific results will vary and depending on a number of different reasons you may or may not experience the level of wrinkle removal that you were looking for.  If you don’t get the immediate results that you were hoping for or even after a little while you still have not noticed a dramatic change in the size or overall appearance of the wrinkles you can always try it again and hope for a much better result.

Skin Care

Why is it important to pay attention to skin hydration

Healthy skin

Keeping your skin soft and supple is very important in that healthy skin is a really good indication of the condition of your body on the inside. Another benefit of good skin hydration is that healthy skin looks so much better. The glow of really healthy skin helps to make you look more attractive as well. Hydrated skin is also less likely to be itchy or irritated.

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There are a number of things that can be the cause of dry and irritating skin, however, the best way to avoid all of the issues that comes with dehydration of the skin would be to follow some or all of the tips that we have listed below.


Top 5 Tips for skin hydration

#1 Drink plenty of water each day – The key to maintaining a proper water level in the body is for you to drink at least eight full glasses (8 oz glasses) of water every single day. The precise amount of water you should be drinking is actually more related to the amount of your own body weight. According to the health experts, you should actually drink half of your body weight in ounces of water. A good example would be a 130-pound female should drink at least 65 ounces of water per day.


Look into a good reusable drinking bottle

To make it easier to keep track of the amount of water you are drinking and to make it more convenient, you should consider buying a good quality reusable plastic. There are dozens of different reusable, BPA-free plastic water bottles. Instead of buying multi-packs of bottled water and contributing to the filling up of landfills with plastic drinking bottles. There are even some reusable water bottles that are able to track the amount of water you drink and transmit the data directly to your phone via Bluetooth and a free app.


Consider fruit infusion

For those who would be tempted to buy the flavored waters that contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners, you should consider infusing fruit fruits. There are a number of reusable plastic bottles that have a built infuser system. This makes it possible for you to add your own favorite fruits and wait for the flavor seeps into the water from all the fruits. Along with the great flavor, you will also get the benefits of the extra vitamins and minerals.


Stick with water and avoid sugary drinks

While most people would agree that most liquids that you drink (tea, soda, juices, and even milk) will help keep you hydrated. However, the added sugar and caffeine that comes with many drinks on the market are not as beneficial to your body as an 8-ounce glass of regular water. So, before you drink that next glass of soda, you should really rethink your drink and reach for a glass of plain water.


Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

One thing that many people might not realize is that you can easily get your fill of water daily by eating the right fruits and vegetables. There are a number of fruits and vegetables that when eaten every day you can get plenty of water. Here is a short list for example:


  • Grapefruits
  • Watermelons
  • Strawberries


  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Bell Peppers; Red, Green, and Yellow
  • Spinach
Men Grooming

Moisturizing Creаms for Men Are Filled With Fake News

Swim suite - Male model
Moisturizing Creаms wont make you feminine

One of the most unpleasant feelings a person can experience is the feeling of being deliberately misled. I know some people can say “It’s just a hand cream, why are you making such a big deal out of it”, but we say “It is all about the fact that they are lying to people, misleading them and causing harm”.

So what is the false claim?

The moisturizing cream market is filled with companies that sell products that do not work well. They insert the “right” ingredients such as collаgen, elаstin but most of it cannot be absorbed by the skin since they are to thick to be able to be absorbed by the body, and the small part that does penetrate will still be rejected by the body.

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Staying safe by checking the ingredients

This is no reason for panic but it could be beneficial for you to learn what ingredients are safe and could actually help you with your skin conditions.

You can always trust natural ingredients that are well known for their skincare properties such as Phytessence Wаkаme which is аn extrаct mаde of Jаpаnese seа kelp or Cynergy TK which is “functional” keratin, or in other words, it is keratin that our skin can actually absorb. It is extracted from the wool of sheep and it is being done without using acid or any heat.

Avoid Petrolаtum

Many products use petrolаtum, it is a byproduct of oil that is suspected of doing serious harm to people. This substance is actually one of the biggest reasons why these moisturizing creams do not work well. Petrolаtum is known for its ability to clog the skin pores.

Underwear model - drinking coffee
Moisturizing Creаms for face and muscles

Final thoughts

How Is this possible? Well, most people are simply not aware of these facts and they never had the chance to hear about it from their surroundings. Most mainstream cream companies are just trying to sell as much product as possible while investing less money in the irradiates. This is why there is a method of creating cheap products that will make you feel good. I hope you will remember next time you go to buy a moisturizing cream for men that there is a big difference between feeling good and actual results.

Remember, If the moisturizer is just making your hand greasy and wet and while doing so it clogs your pores, it’s not helping you, it actually does the opposite.

Our advice is to stay away from these types of creams and lotions and use natural and well-known ingredients. If you need moisturizing cream for men or women, be smart and avoid using bio-products such as petrolаtum and use healthy natural ingredients such as bаbаssu wаx, cаpuаcu butter, witch hаzel, grаpe seed oil or any other suited plаnt oils instead.

Beauty Make up Skin Care

New 9 Creams, Concealers, and cover creams

Like always my favorite subject in the world, some beauty products that many you are not familiar with and could potentially change your life and happiness (yes i’m dramatic).

1 Cover & Shield Cream


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So when you look at this Comodox (which is full of products from cleaning products to masks) for oily skin, it does not look like anything special, but I promise you that the second you put it on your skin, you’ll fall in love with it. Leave it even with 20 SPF and it protects against environmental damage, and gives light coverage, the special thing is the finish it gives the skin. I do not know how they did it, but it blurs pigmentation, which even high-makeup makeup can not always do, smoothes the skin, not after 4 weeks but immediately. It raises pores, “wakes” the face, adds glow, adds lightning. Just a perfect cream. And the way is also therapeutic (not that it interests me very much, but I do not complain) – helps with sensitivities and tendency to inflammation, shield, and cultivator. Price: $ 232 for 30 ml, to get it from cosmetologists, call 1800816816 or on the website.

You can already purchase these items:

  • THE BALM – Urban Care Brand. Who believes in “Beauty in five minutes” and offers a huge range of quality products that are convenient to use with an emphasis on efficiency, happy designs and hot trends. Price range: $ 15.00- $ 36.00.
    BUTTER LONDON – An international makeup brand that combines elements of trendyness, comfort, quality and daring, and is considered one of the world’s leading makeup brands with luxury products born out of pure love to the world of beauty. Price range: $ 15.00- $ 39.00.
    l.f. eyes lips face – a brand of makeup that believes in Luxury for all and offers quality makeup products at revolutionary prices and trendy trends celebrating diversity and individuality. The concept of e.l.f is that the erotic comes from within, and therefore the goal is to empower and delight, thus allowing the inner beauty to break out in any situation and everywhere. e.l.f is a moral brand that opposes animal experimentation. Price Range – $ 2.50- $ 20.00.
    ARCANCIL Paris – a French makeup brand whose name has been synonymous with biotics and femininity since 1935. Since then, the brand has managed to maintain its professional values ​​and offer women of any age an uncompromising quality. The products are manufactured in the most advanced labs in Europe, always in mind of unique textures and diverse and fashionable colors. Price Range -9.00 $ -20.00 $.
    JAMES READ – a brand of self tanning products founded by James Reed, a young entrepreneur and the first to combine skin care with artificial tanning. The products use unique Tantone technology, and all contain innovative formulas enriched with vitamins and minerals that are suitable for all skin types and shades. Price Range -20.00 $ -40.00 $.
    OUAI – A prestigious brand of hair products created by celebrity stylist Jane Etkin, and is considered the favorite hair care brand for the stars, offering a collection of rehabilitation and nourishing products that will give the hair a healthy and glamorous look Price range: $ 24.00- $ 28.00.
    THE BROW GIRL – the world’s leading eyebrow design designer and professional makeup artist Tania Crookes. Brand Lane has high quality eyebrow design products ranging from pencils, silhouettes and lighters to complementary accessories such as scissors, tweezers and brushes. Price range- $ 4.00- $ 35.00.
    YOUTH LAB – a brand of medical cosmetics that offers a variety of skin care products for all types of skin. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of medicine and cosmetics, the founding team of Youth Lab has created a revolutionary line of products that incorporates unique formulas based on natural herbs, bio-technology and active synthetic ingredients designed to lighten, strengthen, restore and nourish facial skin. Price range – $ 11.00 – $ 55.00.
    MAKE UP EARASER – exclusive to the Original MakeUp Eraser® com. A revolutionary accessory that removes facial makeup, eyes and lips with warm water only and “erases” the most durable biotic products. The soft cloth can be washed again and again and its soft fibers leave the skin smooth, fresh and clean. The product is without chemicals, suitable for washing machine. Price – $ 20
    COWSHED A long-standing British beauty brand that is a tribute to Mother Nature. The luxurious facial, body and hair products are based on organic ingredients, holistic herbal extracts and top-quality natural oils. Despite the names of the entertaining products, Cowshed takes the quality of the formulas and their effect very seriously. Each product contains an aromatic blend of prizes that bridges the biotic world with the botanical world and improves mood and body health – just like after a day at the spa. A vegan brand without parabens, salts, petrochemicals and artificial colors or odors. Price range: $ 11- $ 54

3 SACARA ON LINE, And Complete Cover Concealer

I felt a bit bad about myself when I went down on Sakara’s products. I love the brand, and I am so much for them and for their fair prices, that I have lost myself. But there’s nothing we can do, we’re telling the truth here. But to my delight, this month another new product has emerged, and this time it is excellent. This concealer, which costs nothing money, can compete with fun in some consoles that cost a century or more. We will not mention names but we will write them down somewhere on the screen a minute in the video. The first five who manage to see and write to me in response receive a gift that I wrote on the top of the page, closed? closed. Its cover is medium to full, it is just the right amount of ceramic, it does not require fiddler, it does not shrink in the daytime wrinkles (well, almost no concealer that does not do it yet …) and is durable. In addition, it comes in 8 shades, and it costs $ 19.90.

More than that you can not ask. But hey, sometimes you get it without asking, and now you can buy this concealer and all the Skara products without leaving the house because the company has uploaded a website. All the products in the store will also be there + special offers, and by the way there is a launch now – free shipping at over $ 100. The only two things that raised me back were 1. that the shipping is 28 $, which is expensive, and 2 that the shipments arrive between two days For 12 business days, 12 business days is a lot, but I guess it’s mostly the CTA and they’ll get there faster. So here’s the link to the site’s sponsors. Come on, purchase.

4 Monsieur Big LANCÔME

Well, Lancome knows how to make mascara, that’s a long time ago. And that, too, is no less than the rest. I never had the chance to encounter a Lancra Mascara that I do not like, and I think I know Ruben. Monsieur Big is the new one between them, and beyond the fact that the casting is really trying to speak the language of the young women with the silly name and the colorful packaging and it’s a little unattractive, I like that mascara too. Like, revenge, you do not have to strain, you are the lady of the world of makeup, it is not respectable. The fact that the mascara doubles the volume “up to 12 times” I could not really check, but it certainly thickens. If you’re looking for a mascara that’s mostly long, it’s not her. It worries about bloating. It is black, its brush made of natural fibers with a filling point at its center, it does not dry crispy, does not smear or crumble, and it is quite easy to remove it. Excellent mascara. This. Price: $ 149, to be obtained at Lancome’s points of sale at Super-Pharm, Hamashbir Lazarchan, New-Pharm, April and private perfomeries.

5 Infallible Total Cover L’ORÈAL PARIS

It is a wonderfully useful product that anyone who wears makeup needs at home. A 5-tone concealer palette for pigmentation, redness and darkness under the eyes that Conseler finds it difficult to cope with. The plate belongs to the Ibleibel series, which boasts, quite rightly, the full coverage it provides. The consoles are not comedians, which is important for those who tend to get pimples, and it will not happen, especially in November. Let’s talk a bit about the product itself: The term “corcorter” refers to the strange colors you will see in the palette that you place under the skin-colored concealer. It seems like an unnecessary step in the makeup routine, but believe me, it is not. What to do, when trying to cover a black spot on a white wall, what do you get? Gray, right. Since we can not shave under the eyes with polishing paper, color correction is the right thing to do. Color correction is performed with the color that contrasts to the color you want to cover with its “breakage”. Green will break reddish, for example, orange will break ellipticals (under the eyes), and so on. You put a little of the paint and a concealer over it, and the burns disappear miraculously. Try and see. Beyond that, the material itself is ceramic but not too, and I find it best to put it with the pads of the fingers, because it needs a little “heating” to get to the best. And the price is correct: $ 65 for the month of November. To obtain: Pharm chains, food, new Hamashbir Lazarchan, and the best perfumeries.

6 Professional Total Volume Hair Cream, Mon Platin

The product is a restorative cream applied to the hair when it is moist or dry, an emulsion to maintain the elasticity and vitality of the hair fiber. It is designed for curly and wavy hair, dry and damaged – one that is difficult to control. The lotion opens connections, protects the hair as well as breaks the edges, adds moisture, and in the process of drying it helps to build the curls and prevent the phenomenon of “electric” that is so typical of Israeli hair, and gives it structure and grip. Protects against heat, sunscreen, and gives the hair a soft touch that makes it easy to comb, comb, and smooth with a light or slip. Everything is correct (aside from the long-term therapeutic qualities that I really do not have a way to measure). And as if that were not enough, the first time I put it down, it turned out to me that it had a crazy smell. If not for anything else, it is an amazing perfume for hair. Every time I use it everyone asks me what perfume is dead, and I say Mon Platin, it costs $ 120, and you can only get it at the authorized hair salon Mon Platin Professional throughout the country

7 Multi-Active Yeux, Clarins

As part of their 30-plus series, Clarins renewed the line and added eye cream to treat wrinkles and early age signs, helping to reduce signs of fatigue such as black swellings and circles. The formula includes oatmeal proteins for smoothing the skin, an extract that protects blood capillaries from oxidation, caffeine to reduce swelling and chestnut extract to help reduce the amount of acidity. The cream is very pleasant, and you can see that the swellings decrease slightly after use. The texture is also suitable for use with sensitive eyes and does not burn even when placed over the eyelids, and it works well as a base for concealer. The metal applicator on the tip helps to soften the cream into the skin, and its coolness helps reduce swelling. As for wrinkles, I did not notice the difference, but it’s a cream designed to build 30, so it probably is not his fault. Soon I will review their new line of masks. SPOILER: LIKE. Price: 256 $

8 Blush Noir Revelateur, Givenchy

The Givenchy winter collection called “Black Other” includes several products. Lipstick comes with a built-in liner, a black purple eyeliner, a dark purple cream silhouette, a lip gloss that is determined by the acidity of the lips, and this flush. The flush comes in the tube, and the liquid in it is black purple and is supposed to respond to the acidity of the skin, like the gloss, and to enhance the natural color of the cheeks. The texture is excellent, the blurring is easy, you can put it both below and above the makeup / pedicure, and everything works perfect. Just one thing. Maybe it’s because the acidity of my skin causes it and maybe the natural shade of my cheeks is too white and so he can not empower it, but I can hardly see it – it gets a very light pinkness. Too light, no matter how many layers I loaded. For me it is too weak, and probably more suitable for women who prefer very minimalist makeup. Price: 169 $

9 The BLUSHED Nude, Maybelline

I was so happy that at the end of Maybelline’s plate of movers, the palette of more than five colors at drugstore prices was almost nonexistent. The palette contains 12 different shades of mobility in a variety of textures and finishes, from metallic gloss to matte (one silhouette is light brown, good for transition color) in pink, golden brown burgundy and so on. It is beautiful, and it looks so varied that it is possible to create kinds of mirrors all day long in all kinds of drama. When you turn your finger in silhouettes you get the impression that they are nice – the suvachs are nice too, the quality is inconsistent, the shades are pretty chalky, and the shades are a little better. I made up with her. And I found that the quality decreases when the brush is used on the eye. The silhouettes are not sufficiently pigmented, they disappear in blurry, and despite the good brush and the primer I had to load commercial quantities of material to get enough saturation. Even though I succeeded, two hours later he disappeared. In addition, the amount of fall out that you get while working is really disturbing, and I say it as one that uses the silhouettes of Natasha Danone, which serve like a sandstorm. Fall out is something I’m definitely willing to tolerate if the pigment, blurring and final lock will compensate me for the mess, but if I end up being dissatisfied with the result? less. The plate is beautiful, makes you feel like it. But the silhouettes, despite everything, are of very mediocre quality, which is surprising because I am used to getting a product after a product of high quality. The price is very convenient: $ 45.

Beauty Favorites Make up Tips &Tricks

Let’s get acquainted with some hair products

Hair products are a mess. It is very difficult to find something good, and it is quite complicated to cover them because each hair behaves differently, each hair has its own needs, and sometimes not everything that makes hair necessarily pleasing to the healthy, and vice versa. That’s why I make sure to use every product I cover for at least a few weeks, with regular accessories, which I know very well how they work, so I’ll have an indication of the product I changed. This is why I talk about hair products are relatively rare. But when I talk about them, it means that I have a clear opinion. My opinion can be heard in the video, and the full details about each product, will be listed below.

Really red hairCleaning and care products

Black Caviar Shampoo & Hair Mask Mon Platin Professional

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Products that changed my hair. I have dry hair, dyed, damaged and difficult to arrange. Almost every hair product drains it even more, some even make it sticky. Masks do not usually affect him. These two products have completely changed my hair, and I can not live without them. My hair is much more pleasant, much brighter and more flexible, much more comfortable for arranging another world. These are the best products I have ever tried for my hair. Recommended madly!
Shave Shampoo: A precise formula that gives you the ability to control your hair. Leaving your hair healthy and full of volume and moisture-rich. Rich in black caviar extracts, vitamin B3 and advanced amino acids that help maintain the shine and tone of hair color. Has a balanced acidity. Contains wheat germ proteins that nourish the hair, and a hydrolyzed silk protein allows it to be soft to the touch and has a fenced volume.
Kerat Mask: A highly intensive therapeutic moisturizing mask that nourishes the hair with essential ingredients and helps maintain the strength of the hair. Contains no salts and does not contravene chemical treatments such as smoothing. Helps to balance hair PH level and gives hair moisturizing, elasticity and vitality. A formula that prevents static electricity in hair and is based on a variety of innovative ingredients enriched with black caviar extracts and olive oil. Royal jelly and plant extracts to prevent oxidation (pomegranate ova life extract and green tea). very important! Instructions: Lather the shampoo thoroughly once or twice, put a mask and massage into the lengths of hair and roots. Get out of the shower for ten minutes, and only then go back and wash. You will not recognize your hair, she promises. Obtain at Mon Platin Professional Hairdresser.

Marula Oil Rare Oil Intensive Masque Paul Mitchel Really red hair mermaid

Intensive Mask and Marula Oil. Marlula cold pressed oil that gives deep moisture, smoothes hair, softens it and adds volume to thin or dry and damaged hair. Even when the hair is dry, the mullet balls that cling to the hair follicle open each time you brush or touch your hair and release fresh bursts of Marula oil throughout the day. Full of powerful antioxidants, oleic acids, protein and vitamins. This formula nourishes and protects, provides intense moisture, closes split ends, prevents damage and provides UV protection. 200 ml


Ultimate Color Repair ™ Triple Rescue ™ Paul Mitchel

Protective treatment for dyed hair, 2-stage spray that protects against heat and hair dryer, which can damage dyed hair and lead to faded hair. The top layer protects against heat and hair dryer, which can damage painted hair and lead to hair color fade. The lower layer softens the hair using a quinoa dye-preserving compound, so the hair looks healthy, shiny and essential. Shake well before use! Leaves hair soft, smooth and easy to arrange.

Design products

Texturizing sea spray Paul Mitchel

Sea spray for abundant design and exotic texture. Beach style, wild, abundant, and full of volume. Improves and defines curls and healthy hair. On wet and wiped hair spray and absorb, then dry with a hairdryer, or let dry naturally. For additional curls, spray on dry hair.

Dry Wash® Paul Mitchel

Dry formula dry shampoo that gives hair a feeling and a clean appearance with a pleasant smell. Gentle, colorless, leaves no residue and therefore ideal for all hair types and color. The spray is focused and powerful, refreshing and reviving lifeless hair, while extending the life of any design style. Instructions: Shake well. Spray on the scalp and hair roots in groups, then brush the hair to disperse the material.

Pure glaze Natural Formula

Sculpts and defines curls enriched with shea butter for nourishment and shine, without parabens and sulfates. The natural formula of Natural Formula Curls allows you to set and design perfect curls in an instant, keeping your design all day long, in all weather conditions and without static electricity. Creates flexible curls, gives shine, contains natural oils to maintain healthy hair such as natural coconut oil, shea butter and macadamia nut oil for nourishment and moisturizing curly hair. Glaze dries rapidly and protects against the effect of moisture on the curls. How to use: Massage a little Glaze between the palms and apply on damp or dry hair from the edges as it rises while contracting. It is recommended to dry with a diffuser to give full appearance, but can also dry naturally.

Beauty Selfie Tips &Tricks

How To Fix Your Makeup in 5 Mins

total-coverName a better horror story than witnessing your smeared makeup, I will wait. No, you cannot come up with any because every woman wants to see her

Makeup - red lipstick + red heair

Jade Musk Telegram


makeup perfect. Managing a perfect makeup throughout the day sometimes becomes really difficult. Usually, when we enter an outlet and look into floor length mirrors we are left gob smacked with our eye shadow all ruined. Your favorite red lip color might betray you too when your friend signals you to wipe the color off your teeth. Immense embarrassment alert! Talk about weather alerts. You never know what the weather is up to. The scorching beams of sun show apathy for your makeup. It doesn’t care your foundation cracks or melts, leaving you astounded with rage. Yes, I get it. Admitting to such possibilities gives you a pang of guilt too. But hey are we really giving up on makeup? No way! Following are the best ways to handle your makeup malfunction and tackle the embarrassing moments coming up your alley. Trust me on this ladies, it won’t take more than 5 minutes.


Before we move on to the tricks of fixing your makeup, following are a few things which you must carry with you no matter where you are. Be it your office, university, hotel, even in your car when you are travelling. Keep a small pouch for this purpose. These important items include: A foundation, a lip gloss, the lip color you are wearing, tissues/wipes, the eye shadow you are wearing, a blush-on,  a brush and of course a mirror.  Seems a long list? Well, you can carry each in small palettes. You will not regret having them.

Now let’s move on to the fixing makeup. Since you have to fix your makeup and make it look as good as before, run to a nearby restroom or washroom. You might be getting late for an important meeting, your class might be about to begin, your impatient hubby might be waiting at the restaurant table or somebody might be visiting you. You definitely want to look good, yeah?

  1. Begin with foundation: Never underestimate the importance of well applied and smooth foundation. Gently dab the foundation on your face with a sponge. Remember, don’t put too much foundation because you already have some on. You are only fixing it. If you see cracks or lumps, then dab those spots and make it flawless. Check that your forehead, cheeks and chin are all equal.  You don’t want to look like a cake, yeah?
  2. Work on eyebrow: Since, you already have filled your eyebrows with your desired color therefore, don’t go harsh on them. Slightly highlight them so that they don’t look untouched and messy.
  3. Freshen up the lips: No matter how much you work on your lips, you can never over do them. You must not have time, yet you have to be careful not to let the color run out of the boundaries. You don’t want to waste another minute wiping it and in turn get all your sides get messed up with lip color. What a disaster that would be.
  4. Easy on the eye shadow: If an eye shadow brings boldness and joy to your face, then yes, it also has the power to ruin your face. Be very easy on the eye shadow. You don’t want to end up looking like a monster. Make sure you don’t do anything after which you have to wipe if off because we all know it is not that easy. Just slide the brush slightly on your eyes replacing the faded look.

So how much time did it take? 5 minutes only.


Beauty Make up

New hair color protection by Loreal

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If you made all the way here you might wanna check out this quick hair protection product that can save your life, no really save your life and hair. The clip:

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Loreal Blonde hair protectionL’ORÉAL PARIS REVITALIFT SERUM

Serum for nourishing and smoothing wrinkles to reduce wrinkling appearance and firming effect, new in the Ruitleft series. Serum contains 2 anti-aging ingredients to aid immediate and powerful action: adenosine, which helps to treat the appearance of wrinkles and to combat skin aging. Fibralstall is a compound that contributes to the feeling of firmness of the skin.

SR COSMETICS Fast Wrinkle Filler & Caviar

A unique serum in the gel texture, for immediate stretching of facial skin. Its active ingredients are a quick alternative to aesthetic procedures. Biomimetic peptides, compatible with the ingredients of collagen and elastin in the skin, hyaluronic acid that contributes to moisture retention, caviar extraction, saturated fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, and donalella seaweed containing an active concentration of beta-carotene and a catalyst for the formation of retinoic acid. Borg oil helps to revitalize the skin and treats deep scars and wrinkles. Overnight oil containing omega-6 gamma linoleic acid essential to the process of preservation, restoration and construction of cell membranes.

Moisture Surge ™ Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate Clinique

A hydrating gel rich in watery gel texture combined with water-binding materials that moisturize and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier to better withstand environmental attacks. Equipped with Liquid-Sphere ™ Technology. It provides water that is thirsty for skin and breaks the cycle of dryness and environmental damage that can lead to skin aging. Coated with vitamin E and vitamin C, which immediately release the antioxidant with powerful anti-oxidants that protect the skin from oxidation and keep away the free radicals. Integrated polymers that attract the moisture as a magnet and lock it to increase the moisture retention of the skin. We’ll look at allergy. 100% without perfume.

Shik Intuition

A shaver with 4 blades wrapped in soap, which eliminates the need for soap, gel or foam. The shaving device is equipped with four blades for close and precise shave and is characterized by an ergonomic structure suitable for shave all over the body. Chic, wrapped in a solid soap with a pleasant and fresh fragrance, which enhances the shaving experience and has many benefits: frothy, suitable for delicate skin, enriched with coconut milk nourishing the skin, enriched with almond oil that softens and moisturizes the skin.

Micellar Cleansing Water Garnier

3 actions in one product: makeup remover, cleans and soothes the skin, without the need for rinsing. It is suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin, and now in a large, economical format of 700 ml. The odorless Mismar solution is an easy and effective way to remove makeup, cleanse and soothe the skin (face, eyes, lips) rubbing.

Highlights Metallic Eyes shadow Palette GADE

Metallic silhouette set, limited edition, 5 metallic pigments with intense pigment that create a deep and multi-dimensional look. The formula contains pigment and pearl particles that blend perfectly on the eyelid. Sparkling shades of champagne, deep gold, chromium black, metallic white and mesmerizing bronze highlight the eye for light and shadow effects and allow a variety of makeup styles from a natural sparkling look to a smoky and dramatic look that is especially suitable for New Year’s celebrations.

PRECISE Glow Queen

This professional cosmetic brand, which I did not know had makeup, surprised a new collection for New Year’s Eve. There are all kinds of things like gold mask for the immediate effect of glamor, and various types of yeast, and of course red lipstick. The glowing braces and silhouettes in the picture can be used both for the face and the eyes, and for the body if desired, and the formula is a matter of preference.

Glow liquid eye shadow Ada Lazorgan

Colored Hair protection

Shimmery silhouette with a velvety and shiny texture (durable) for the eyes, cheeks and lips. Comes in 4 basic colors and soon in additional shades. The silhouette should be placed directly on the eyelid with the finger pad until a uniform and radiant texture, face and body should be placed directly to create perfect illumination / lips – Draw with the silhouette on the lip borders for enlightenment and can be used as glittering lipstick.

Push Up Angel Mascara Maybelline

The new mascara gives the appearance of artificial eyelashes while lifting and lengthening eyelashes. This mascara has a thin, curved silicon-fiber brush and a lengthening lash comb that curves at the end to lift the eyelashes at the outer angle. The result: a fly of eyelashes spread like an angelic wing. The formula easily slides on the lashes, wraps them, gives color and length, and sets the lashes in place. Special price for the launch in December.

Fit Me Matte & Poreless Maybelline

A matte finish to blur the appearance of pores and smooth the texture of the skin, for normal to fat skin. The product comes in 8 shades and the formula excels in blurring pores wide due to the components that help neutralize the appearance of oily and shiny skin. The formula contains components for uniform distribution of color pigments, until full coverage. Light and comfortable smearing, merging with the skin without any effort.


Beauty Favorites Make up

Comparing liquid makeups

The foundation (makeup) is the most important thing in makeup. If the skin looks bad, your beautiful eyes will not help you – especially in daylight. We never had a choice because the technology did not exist yet, but today the market is filling up quickly with mikes that contain components of toiletries, With almost a watery texture and a perfectly natural fi$h that you can not see on the skin of your face.

Intensive Skin Serum, Bobby Brown 


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It’s no secret that I’m in love with this brand, and by chance it’s a brand that bears the concern of skin care, equal to the quality of make-up. Like all of Bobby Brown’s Skin Care products, which are gentle and kind with the face, so is the new Intensive Skin Serum series. We’ll start with the fact that Mike’s has a natural face lotion and is full of plants, and it really contains: bamboo essence extract, algae extract, apple extract complex, watermelon and lychee, and amino acids. It looks amazing on the skin, it smoothenss fine lines, tightens pores, adds moisture, covers flaws and treats them at the same time, Comes in all shades of Bobby Brown’s Mike’s Stick (16 shades is plenty). It’s hard to ask for more. His only problem is packaging. Heavy, hard to operate and can not really carry the bag, and also has a dropper that does not fit the liquid level of the product, and should work a little too hard to remove material. Not critical, but important to know.

Diorskin Air

Fluid 030 Purple eyeliner

This is one of my favorites, and it has been around since 2016. One of the reasons he appears in this article is his hue. I do not know what his name is, but it’s one of the few who never makes me look dead, and I’m very, very pale. Its fi$h is also perfect, giving you a healthy and glowing look but not greasy or glittering. His drip is well adapted to the liquidity of the material, and best of all – no more than three drops of it, swears, does not exaggerate – to get full coverage. It covers pigmentation, redness, and stresses non-flattering textures like dryness or fine lines. It feels like water bursting with pigments, and earthly millions of tiny titanium particles surrounded by micro-pearls are responsible for velvety fi$h. In the formula there is no talc, but there is cranberry oil that releases oxygen to the skin and is against free radicals, rich in antioxidants, omega-3 and vitamin E. The makeup comes in only 6 shades, but surprisingly, because of the excellent formula, With one tinge you can make yourself and two more friends lighter than you, and one who has forgotten you in one shade. It sounds strange, but I checked it out, and it’s just like that, and according to this logic, the makeup comes in 18 shades. Super recommended



Le Teint Encre De Peau, Yves Saint Laurent

It’s liquid liquid liquid makeup, which I also really like, but I recommend it especially for the summer, especially if you have dry skin. Also because of its matte finish, but mainly because it contains volatile substances, leaving the skin and leaving it only with pigments, after the assumption. It is an advantage, because only a minimum of physical substance remains on your skin, but the side effect of this is a slight dry feeling. Having the fat skin between you does not matter, and those with dry skin, like me, do not sleep in the summer – summer is perfect. Matt completely, not moving a millimeter. The light texture of full-resistant ink comes in 11 shades and in 3 families: beige, beige and pink and golden beige, and SPF 18. The applicator is also special. Not a dripper, but a quasi-feather like work (patented). Instead of dripping the material on your face, dip the applicator like a pen in ink and spread.

Mirikal Iyar de Tenet from the Lancome

Miracle Air De Teint, Lancome

Liquid makeup with dripper, velvety finish. Notice – not matte, not velvety – it’s exactly in the middle, and the final result looks good both day and night. The makeup consists of 25 times lighter particles than traditional powders and 90% air, hence its middle name Air. Most of the similar makeups are made of water, oil, and dense particles. This makeup should contain tiny holes that allow the air to flow freely. Blurring technology helps to avoid defects and wrinkles, and the formula is pleasant and durable. Its cover is medium, perhaps because of air particles, but it is excellent for everyday, and for natural makeup. Comes in 8 shades, with SPF 15.

Temptu S / B Pro, Tempto

This recommendation is a little non-Orthodox, because it’s a makeup that is basically designed to illustrate the mind. But I make experiments, and I decided to share my findings: This very liquid makeup, almost like water, works fine even with a regular sponge, brush or fingers, especially if you put a silicon-based primer underneath it. Its advantages are that it is very, very delicate, because it is so thin and flexible, and the main advantage is that it is self-made and does not require powder, even in the summer. It can be built in layers and it effectively covers redness, pimples, small capillaries and scars – it comes in 12 shades, but unfortunately without protection from the sun. It is advisable to avoid it during the day.

Men Grooming

The Importance of Man Grooming – Things That Every Man Should Know

For some unknown reason, men tend to focus on building their muscles and neglect taking care of their overall appearances. Don’t get offended, I’m sure it’s all other men except you. But still, If you feel that you might fall into this category we have gathered small suggestions that could be a game changer for you.

Take Care of Your Face

They say that the first impression is everything, well they are right. The first thing a person can do to control how people see him is by taking good care of his face. It is very easy, just shave regularly or take care of your beard, wash your face with a facial cleanser while you’re taking a shower, apply face cream for men regularly. By doing so you will feel better right away.

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Boost your Confidence by Treating Yourself Better

The feeling of watching yourself in the mirror and knowing that you did what it takes to look great is intoxicating. This might be that boost of self-confidence that you were looking for so long. Man grooming is all about improving and taking care of yourself, by doing so you will feel clean, shiny, smooth, and healthy. The combination of great body shape and a healthy face will make you look and feel more confident than before. Your friends and co-workers will be amazed by your transformation.

Keep Hygiene

Men grooming is not only about making yourself look stylish but it is also about keeping your hygiene. Good hygiene is a sign that you are in a healthy state, both physically and mentally. Why is that you ask, well, having to manage everything from the way you choose your clothes, fragrance, haircut, and of course taking care of your face will project to your environment that you are in control of your life and your health.a

Be Ready For All Occasions

You never know what life has prepared for you, you might go out tomorrow to the grocery shop and see for the very first time the love of your life. Yes, I know it sounds dramatic but you must agree that it is a good point.

This is why men grooming is so important, by creating healthy habits of regular grooming and taking good care of your hygiene, you will be always ready to for every occasion, especially if you have to go to a certain event right away. You won’t have to worry about your appearance since you already know that you always look charming and fabulous.

Final Thoughts

So dear men, groom yourselves and try to make a good habit out of it. You might be surprised by how small changes such as these can make your lives better.

Men Grooming

Wedding Dаy Mаkeup for Men

Wedding dаy is a speciаl dаy on which you wаnt to look аt your best.  The bride аnd the bridegroom will be at the center of attention and cameras will follow them wherever they go. This is why many men choose to put on high-quality makeup on their wedding day. Considering the fact that in a couple of years they will be looking at their old wedding photos, putting on makeup was a great idea.

Makeup can do wonders for you but it needs to be applied on a fresh and a well-hydrаted skin. This is why you should drink plenty of water in the period before your wedding day, it will make your skin soft and more suitable for makeup.

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How can you prepare yourself for the wedding

  • Treat yourself with a professional facial treatment two weeks before the wedding, you will see the results right away.
  • Get your eyebrows done a week before the event, a week is enough to make them grow naturally again but still look at their best.

Putting on makeup

Remember that mаkeup meant to highlight your best qualities and conceal your imperfections. This is your big day, this is why you have to be gentle and do it right. If you’re planning to put your own on makeup by yourself, we advise you to practice in advance.

Here are the simplified steps of putting on makeup for men

  • Clean your face with a good facial cleanser.
  • Apply water-based foundations base so the makeup will look more natural.
  • if you have facial hair, apply a special gel on it.
  • Apply cosmetic powder.
  • If needed, use a wаterproof eyeliner аnd a blаck mаscаrа to highlight your eyes.

Your special day!

This is going to be your special day, and the most important thing is for you and your future wife to enjoy it. Although applying makeup for men is just a small piece of the puzzle, we hope it will give you joy and create good memories of your special day with your significant other.